Floor Standing Air conditioners

Floor Staanding Air conditioners

Floor Standing air conditioners in Dubai

Floor standing Air conditioners are very important for any indoor space. These Floor Standing AC provide comfort and healthy air your people. Floor standing Air conditioners are the best choice for large indoor cooling system. there are various types of AC to choose from, such as window, wall, and floor standing air conditioner. Though all of these types are effective and comes with many benefits, there are many reasons on why you should put your eyes on floor standing air conditioners.

When it comes to hassle free installation process, floor type Air conditioner is the winner among other types. Because this product do not require to mount it into wall. It simply requires to place the indoor unit on the floor and connect it to the outdoor unit. Also the floor standing air conditioners is the most powerful AC in giving you the best cooling experience. Its available with up to 5ton cooling capacity.

Features of Floor Stand air conditioner

Air conditioners the 1st cause of your electric bill to rise. Since it working almost 10 months a year in Dubai hot climate. However, we always making sure to provide high efferent and suitable air conditioners for UAE market. In fact, there’s a wide selection of high performing air conditioners out there. All you have to do is to find and make sure the you selecting the right air conditioner type and size. By talking about electricity bills, when choosing floor type air conditioner system make sure that it can save you money on long run.


Our floor standing air conditioners quality is very good. With 5 years’ warranty on the compressor; with this, you can extend the hassle free period without thinking to do any maintenance work. Our floor standing Air conditioners comes with slim designs to save space. Other features available like air filter, purifiers, easy to maintain, anti-bacterial, swing function, Thermostat control.

Now if you are choosing Our floor standing AC, you will get the best price and performance in Dubai market. It will be your best deal for air conditioner by choosing to purchase our floor standing air conditioners. Wee offer great deals and discount saving your money. In addition, we offer different types of air conditioners in UAE, when it comes to air conditioners. So what are you waiting for, have the best floor type air conditioners now!