Air-conditioner | Outdoor Heater | Dubai (Air Conditioners, Chillers,Coolers and Dehumidifiers)

Air Conditioners :


Thanks to years of experience in the rental business of conditioners,we are able to create custom cooling solutions for any kind of business, guaranteeing the HVAC system outputs in short or long-term cooling needs. Our goal is to provide effective and reliable air conditioning solutions, suitable for any application and in any situation.

our wide range of air conditioners available for rental and sale, Portable air conditioners available with a cooling capacity of 1ton, up to large industrial conditioners “Roof Top” package AC up to 30Ton, powerful and ideal to cool large spaces – but also easy to install.

we always 1st understand your problem and provide the air conditioner to meet the temperature you require for the ideal solution, we do the site inspection  and studied to provide you with the best AC quotation matching perfectly your requirements. We are able to provide temporary cooling solutions for all sectors, from public to private, from daya centers, outdoor events, from the hotels to the showrooms.

call us now to discuss your project with an expert or simply for more information. Our technicians are available 24 hours a 24, ensuring an intervention within 4 hours in case you urgently.


Our operation based in Dubai, we are able to response to any emergency temporary cooling request very fast within few hours to any city in UAE including Abu Dhabi. we provide all your needs for climate control. Contact us for scheduled maintenance or emergency situations. we are not only Cooler rental company, but the leaders in the air conditioning sector.



As experts in cooling systems rentals, we are able to provide a wide range of chillers and cooling units can be used in any sector and at any time of year.

Our primary goal is to work in partnership with our customers in order to develop and implement solutions for the rental of cooling systems suitable to any specific requirement. our fast response within 4 hours of your request and experts available 365 days a year, we are ready to  answer to all your needs and we are the only company able to ensure that your business does not suffer any interruption.

Our range of chillers ranges from 5 ton to 300-ton units, you can also create combined solutions in which two or more equipment working together to provide large volumes of air or cold water.

To speak with an expert and find out what is the best solution to your needs, please contact us.

Evaporative Air Coolers:


we provide the most reliable and efficient Evaporative air coolers in order to cover the requests we receive each day from a large number of different sectors. The goal is to help our customers by taking charge of their needs for portable air coolers and to offer evaporative cooler solutions that meet their need for evaporative cooling.

Before providing you the final quotation for portable or installed cooler. one of our technicians will perform a free inspection in order to determine which is the most suitable air cooler model to your situation. Our service active assistance 24 hours 24 will help you in any emergency cooling situation, ensuring immediate action and no interruption in your business.

Our air coolers are available for hire all over Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with a range of outdoor coolers commercial and industrial ranging from 1000 CFM and up to 20,000 CFM industrial coolers models. In addition to Portable air coolers,we provide also industrial spot air conditioners,outdoor AC, we also offer a wide range of  outdoor coolers and air handling units (fan coils) of different capacities.

We have completed many successful projects in the public sector, hospitality, petrochemical, and construction, highlighting every time our ability to ensure imidate delivery for portable coolers, meeting on specific cooling requests for indoor or outdoor. We know that the outdoor cooling may have serious consequences for outdoor event, which is why we assure the restoration of the availability of outdoor cooler in a few hours of your call. For more information contact us.

Cooling Fans:


A wide range of fans and ventilators available in our stock of equipment for climate control . We can offer ventilation fans or cooling fans rental packages for short and long periods at competitive rates, tailored to meet the needs of each customer.

You need only one fan for a small project or a large number of outdoor or indoor fans to aerate the considerable volumes, our team of experts will help you find the best solution, taking into account your requirements and your budget. All cooling fans are robust and able to withstand all weather conditions. The installation takes only minutes and the fan speed is easily adjustable.

Rental of misting fans is useful when one needs to cold air in large spaces such as sports halls, arenas, warehouses, museums and large rooms. The mist fans can suppress the dust, and odor – are ideal in construction sites, and industries and for maintenance work in desert and tunnels. lighter fans can be hired for smaller areas with no air current, such as retail outlets, gyms, showrooms and offices.

Call us now and an expert will guide you in choosing the right solution for your needs.

Dehumidification and Dehumidifiers:


In recent year we increased our reputation as a specialist in the rental of dehumidifiers and humidifiers throughout Dubai and UAE.

We have the ideal solution for any kind of problem regarding moisture and offer a service assistance 24 hours on 24, 7 days out of 7. In urgent cases we assure our immediate action, in order to deliver and install any equipment in the shortest time possible.

Our dehumidifiers range includes portable dehumidifiers – ideal for construction sites, for finishing and drying works – and large hard drives can handle up to 700 liters per day. The rental offer is completed with refrigerant dryers and dehumidifiers used in any specific applications and sectors.

Our experience gained in dehumidification systems allows us to be extremely adaptable in the face of the needs of our customers. We are regularly contacted by companies operating in the construction, manufacturing and electronics, and often calls regarding emergencies due to flooding or other water damage. Thanks to the strategic location of Dubai we are able to response within hours and avoid delays or interruptions in your business.

Do not hesitate to call us for more information about our dehumidifiers rental services.

Patio Heaters, industrial heaters and Outdoor Heaters:


we provide outdoor Patio heaters rental for event companies of any size solutions for short and long periods.

You are looking for a portable outdoor heater for a small patio or a heating solution tailored to a department store, we are the specialists to be called to meet every need. Even in an emergency, we are able to response in a few hours, acting quickly and ensuring support throughout the duration of the heater rental, 24h on 24, 7 days out of 7.

Our fleet includes electric heaters and gas or oil heaters (direct and indirect). Safety is of primary importance especially in public places, which is why all our equipment is manufactured strictly following the safety standards. Also energy efficiency is one of our main concerns, our technicians will then help you choose the type of heater and the best fuel in view of your business.

We have hundreds of successful applications in industries, shops, tents, hospitals and the public sector. We can intervene in a few hours over the entire national territory, so do not hesitate to contact us for any kind of need on the heater hire.