Split Stand Air conditioner 5ton 60000BTU

Up to 60°C Running

Suitable for T3 operating condition

Tropical Compressor T3

The Tropical Compressor is highly reliable; it can work under extreme condition such as Sandstorms, 24-hour continuous, high temperature that can reach up to 60°C.

Lowest to 134V Operating

Suitable for unstable power supply areas.

Powerful cooling

Longer and wind airflow of air conditioners ensure you comfort enjoyment in every corner of the room. And you can press turbo function to cool up your room at a shorter time.

Excellent Anti-Corrosive Performance

Under the same condition, anti-corrosive time if green fin is 7.5 times longer than blue fin.

Sustainable for Humid and Coastal Areas


Healthy Air

innovative brings you clean and refreshing air and fills your room with the soothing scent of nature.

6000-hour rough-environment testing


The result of our product being tested under such bad environment for 6000 hours is the same of that being used normally for 20 years. At the research and development stage, our product should pass this kind of testing, and then it is qualified to be put into production at large quantity, and

PG no grade speed control motor


The switching of the wind speed can be smooth enough not to produce any noise and the extra-wide voltage can operate normally in various conditions and adjust to bad circumstances.



Rapid Cooling and Heating


our high-efficient cooling and heating system, adopting unique scientific configuration, can make cooling/heating rapidly and powerfully with high EER.


Super-quiet running


By adopting isolation, damper silencer, voice-quality test and other testing methods, our A/C effectively reduces the noise of indoor and outdoor.





High cooling capacity.

Low energy consumption.

Keep fresh.

High-Efficiency Heat Exchanger.

Capacity: 60,000 BTU / 5 Ton.

R22, R410a Option.

Voltage 220V AC, 50Hz

removable panel for easy cleaning.

Air condition designed for 52c T3 (tropical)



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