3Ton 3600BTU Floor Standing Air conditioner


36,000 BTU – Ideal for environments from 80 to 100 square meters with an average height of about 3 meters. the floor standing air conditioner . An absolutely model slim in design and technology, the capabilities and the unsurpassed performance . A real floor standing AC .

The free stand air conditioner is available in a single phase power provides full: 36000 BTU. Its  performance is excellent and always produce a cool comfort , both for use in cooling and heating during use, thanks to three powerful T3 Tropical compressor allows him to take advantage of the energy efficiency and can handle high temperature climate like Dubai in UAE hot weather , the consumption always very content , while managing to always produce large cooling capacity guaranteed by maintaining  a constant temperature without any changes.


Floor standing Design

purifies the air because the Filter removes fine particles from the air and the most common pollutant particles through the magnetic field, it helps prevent allergies and asthma and returns fresh and regenerated air; easily removable, you can simply wash off with water. enjoy dust free air.




3Ton 3600BTU Floor Standing Air conditioner

1. Function options: cooling only / cooling & heating

2. Refrigerant: R22 or R410a

3. Compressor: 5 years warranty.

4. Capacity: 36000btu / 3 Ton

5. Warranty time: 1 year for the entire unit.

6. Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

7. Feature: Self-diagnose capability, error code representation, auto-defrost, energy saving, quiet operation, the sleep pattern, remote control.


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