Portable Air conditioners – Package AC rental


We offer Portable and package air conditioning rental services, hire portable air conditioners and Package AC with us. Prompt delivery and low prices. The types of ACs are:

  • Portable indoor AC no outdoor unit rent, which disperse heat through a small duct;
  • Split Air conditioning with outdoor units, which have a greater cooling capacity and used especially for large offices.

We are the leaders in portable air conditioners, Split floor standing air conditioners, rent our portable air conditioners and chillers. we guarantee a 24-hour rental service 24/7 days a week 7. Fast delivery, competitive prices across our range of portable conditioners, spot industrial portable air conditioning units, and chillers rental.

Whatever the application, emergencies or scheduled maintenance, we have dedicated team of experts located in Dubai UAE, waiting for your call to provide you with the fastest AC rental and Mobile air conditioning chillers.

Advantages of portable air conditioners and spot air conditioners:

  • No capital investment.
  • No increase in storage space needed.
  • Use only for the period of time you need without further thoughts
  • High quality and efficiency  because the machines are continually maintained by us.

we offer a conditioning hire and rental Dubai, our air conditioners the best solution  for fast response to your requirements and your order will be carried out within 4 hours.

We work with multinational companies, public services, but also with local customers and provides the best air conditioning hire and coolers rental. Our clients are engaged in all kinds of activities from construction, from industrial production to facility management, hospital services to the agro-food and the service business for events and hospitality to government agencies.

Call us and one of our experts will advise you on what is the air conditioning rental service, portable air conditioner, rent a more suitable ventilation for your needs and your budget.


we have wide range of portable air conditioners for rent. The range can be divided into three categories: portable indoor AC with the hot air discharge hose, which disperse heat by means of a flexible hose; split AC and floor standing AC unit that features are typically used for environments requiring great skills as a server rooms or large offices and also we rent evaporative coolers that provide cold air where traditional air conditioners can not be used as outdoor cooler or in industrial open spaces.

  • Our portable air conditioners are environment-friendly and offers very good value for money.
  • All our air conditioners are easy to install and use: just connect to an outlet.
  • we offer very flexible rental plans – with short and long term rental options.
  • Low prices for long-term rentals.
  • call us to plan your AC rental requirement and you will receive our immediate response to meet your needs.