Dehumidifier rental


we have more experience than any others in offering dehumidifier rental solutions tailored to your every need. Our wide range of dehumidifiers is suitable for numerous applications, including the drying of materials and measures against water damage. portable and industrial dehumidifiers can be used in various sectors, such as building and construction, agriculture, industry, offices or for dehumidification of domestic environments. Thanks to two different types of dehumidifiers available – Refrigeration and drying – we can provide solutions to meet any drying need.

we give you the dehumidification package suited to meet all your needs and your budget, both for the short and long term rental. We assure you that an expert will answer your call and will analyze your specific needs quickly and efficiently, in order to ensure that the perfect rental package is delivered quickly.

Our unrivaled knowledge humidity – and the impact that could have on your business or home – makes us the right company to call when it comes to drying any environment. Whether you are facing the consequences of a flood or have to reduce humidity in a warehouse, our powerful dehumidifiers are able to produce a turnaround in a few hours of installation.

we provide free inspections to ensure that all your rental needs of dehumidifiers are professionally dealt with from the very beginning. we can deliver  the items from our Dubai’s warehouse within hours of initial contact.

Number 1 in Dubai in humidity control on-site assistance guaranteed
Rental dehumidifiers, dryers, humidifiers Open daily, 24h / 24
specific solutions for each sector and activity scale delivery all over UAE
immediate action against water damage Packages tailored